Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have been called by this one company for an interview for forth times. I am so interested in their job simply because I will not deal with authorities. lulz. That one point, and other point is I will be working in airport! Airport yo!!! I always keep imagining myself working at the airport. My final year report was about refurbishment and maintenance of old buildings, its so related. and another plus the job location is SUPER NEAR to my hometown. I can even stay at my home with my mom and ulang alik everyday! like only half and hour okay.

Nowadays, my working load has reached my line limit. my eyes got sore this few month. Focusing too much to the computer since I have to check all the details thoroughly. grrrr~ plus entertaining the client who act like bull shit is so pressuring me. I cant take it at all anymore. seriously.

However, in this work load, I feel so guilty to leave all this to my co-worker which only start her job last four month. I had face the hardship before, and I know how the struggling phase I went through. I do not want to go with a bad term with my boss since he thought me so many things.

so dillema.
bai singh, drop some advise please. mwahahaha

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hancur Hati ini.

My life has been so busy lately. Especially its already one year and half I have worked here. yeah, my current office. I dont know, until when I will stay here. hmm. should find other opportunities.

Actually its not about work I wanna talk here. Its my obsession.

As everyone (everyone la sangat, padahal Lebai je tahu) I was so into kpop scene. Especially during my university year. I have started do collection on official/unofficial merchandise during that year. its about three year in my studies year. So, can you imagine how much I have spent on that time. Money and for sure TIME. That time I will be considered to have a quality time when I can watch variety shows, downloading K-drama and so on. And can you imagine how much time I have spent to collect all those songs, music videos and many more? I cant call it wasted time as I was so in love to kpop. Actually, now I still one of the kpop fans, but my work loads have prevented me to do what I love as before.

However no matter how busy am I, I still trying my best to not miss any Running Man episodes. At least I still watch which in trend. takde la terlalu tertinggal kan.

Tapi, satu hari yang nyaman, I realized I have lost all my kpop folder which include album, and music videos that I have downloaded in three years time. can you imagine, how much regret I have in my mind now? lulz. so upsetting. at this time I am so grateful that I have a tonne of work so that I can  forget this matter. ugh.

Now I am depending on Lebai's kindness and good hearted to donate me some of the videos and song album especially!lol

notahujungkaki:bai, lu nampak tak wa remind you on public ni. hahaha

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Its already been two years since you go.
but the memories is still fresh in my mind.
we do not do many things together, but you are the most precious.

People come and go.
You go, and I am grieving by myself.
No one to share, and no one to understand.
I miss you, Awak. So much.

Mohd Izzat Badry Bin Badarudin.
May Allah bless you always.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Dream is Varnished. lulz

Ticket prices:
Cat 1 (VIP):  RM588 [with complimentary Autographed Poster]
Cat 2 (Premier Rockpit): RM 488
Cat 3 (Fixed Seating): RM388
Cat 4 (Free Standing): RM188

Ticket Lauch Details:
Date: 11 May 2013
Venue: fahrenheit88 Shopping Mall

well, nampak tak macam mana musnahnya dream aku nak jumpa GD? Harga Tix je dah jadi main factor. Okbye! merajuk dua tahun. I iz sad.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cinta ♥



pernah dengar cinta bertaut kembali? ngeh ngeh ngeh.
I forgave u babeh!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia

Kita by Forteen.

Sejak-sejak duduk rumah sewa ni. adalah sangat limited favorite cerita yang aku tengok. kalw dulu kat rumah makcik, ada astro beyond. so mostly aku tengok korean channel la. kikiki. kata kpop. *whatever

jarang aku nak tengok tv3 ni sebab macam semua sedia maklum la, macam-macam lagu bermotifkan politik. i so boring. terpaksala pegi tengok channel Singapore. feeling- feeling Singaporean kan. even berita pun tengok Singapore punya berita. at least kita boleh tahu apa pandangan negara lain terhadap negara kita. membuat kan kita sedar diri dan tidak berada di dalam confort zone je.

tapi sejak-sejak ada  cerita Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia pukul 9.00 malam kat tv3 ni, aku tersangkut nak tengok. sangat best dan yang paling penting tak cliche jalan ceritanya. sangat berbeza. and sangat sweet dan comel dan awesome la. walawpun terpaksa melayan 2 3 iklan yang bapak lama, tapi apakan daya, dah tersangkut kan. layan kan aje la.

actually sebenarnya nak letak lagu tu kat blog je. dari kumpulan Forteen yang orang cakap macam ala ala kumpulan Kpop 2AM tu. -_-" konsep tu mungkin ada tapi both group is different. both pun aku suka ok. anyway lagu-lagu Forteen semuanya best. under KRU kata. hahaha.

sudah-sudah, layan.  jom sambung buat keja. bye!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Learning Process

Well, Hello guys!

Such a long time no updating. As usual, my work is piling up. Sometimes cant even cope with the timeline. Its not like you are not good, but we as a human being still need some time to spare. to let your happy mood conquer than all works can be done properly.

I have being in this field (c&s consultant) for a year and plus plus. I have met so many people. Architect, Planner, M&E Engineer and so on. most of them are good and tolerable. however we cant expect all people would be nice towards us. we being nice and tolerable and some people taking advantages over that.

I tend to be tolerate as much as i can. I am not tattletale people. i do my best and at the one point when people keep making me hard, i HAVE to tell my boss. from then he will try to settle it.

My boss is a good listener. he will not judging people with what other people says. he usually listen and monitor us based on our personalities. if you can work with many people then you are a good worker. good worker here doesn't mean, you keep doing a good work. but in term how you deal yourself in a team. if you doing your best on your own while your team mates are suffer mean you are not good enough. that is one point i like about him. nice. well, not all personalities we had is good.  we think we are good enough, but actually we lack so many things.

This 1 year I have been worked, I have dealt with many people. then this one of consultant in my current project was shouting at me. its not like i know nothing, it just for a confirmation. i never let my tears easily drop even though my boss get mad at me. but this one consultant keep making me hard. and finally my tears drop. congrats to her for letting my ego crushed. from then, i never call her. i studied by my self. keep telling my self to do my best in this project. let her eat her own word later.

my boss 'pujuk' me by telling me this

In this field, you will meet many kind of personalities. that's what we call learning process. keep humble and prove that we can do the best rather being snobbish. we do not know what we will be in the future. being soft doesn't mean people can eat us. Keep humble and tolerable.

As what my boss had said keep being humble. that's the right way to teach them a lesson. its not like we being soft, we let them eat and look down towards us. respect other people opinion and problem. don't ever condemn what they have in mind. we cant expect people to keep listening and being silence. nothing will be done if all parties making hard way to each other. being tolerable. being tolerable. when you make people work become easier, in the future people will help us. life is like a wheel. one part we will at the above. and anytime soon we can be at the bottom. we don't know what we will be in the future. we cant expect people will stay in their position forever. we don't know what opportunity or unfortunate situation we will have. sooner or later, people which is always make us hard will desperately ask for our help. maybe.

all things has been arranged by Allah. He knows the best. what for us, and for community too. sometimes, He only let us being happy without any major problem just because He is testing us. Either we being grateful or forgetting Him. All this happen for a reason. As for my reason, its a process of learning. learning to be better.


notahujungkaki:is this post look emotional? lol

6 #Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Running Man

Haruslah di ingatkan bahawa saya adalah peminat tegar running man.:)

So, kalw agak agak anti-kpop boleh la blah ok instead korang rasa muak dan geli baca entry ni. hehe.
 before ni aku slalu download running man kat university. memang tak pernah miss langsung. biasanya sub video will be out on Tuesday. tapi yang ni kualitinya kurang okay. kalw tunggu 2 3 hari lagi qualitynya ok la. boleh dapat yang HD lagi. tapi aku kan gelojoh, mana maen nak yang high quality punya. pasal gelojoh punya pasal, aku download cepat2 dan menonton dengan jayanya. assignment study blakang cerita. yang penting tak miss tengok running man ni. best! seriously best. malas nak review sebab every episode task dorang laen, so memang takde specific story line. cuma main specifc hanyalah, task and jaga name tag yang di lekatkan kat blakang tu. once dah tercabut, mean you are out lah.

ok lah. since start2 keja ni susah sikit nak download. lagi2 bila dah duduk umah sewa sendiri. kalw dulu boley tumpang unifi rumah makcik je. haha. skang ni, tengah pk lagi camne la nak download variety show kan. kalw nak pasang unifi macam melampau je kan. haha. then jumpa la satu supplier kpop merchandise ni. dia ada jugak jual vcd variety show ni. so aku pun try lah beli. 1 cd dulu la incase subtitle dia huru hara ke kan. 

after a week, dapat la vcd tu tadi. hehe. this 4 cds come with 1 box which have 10 episode. after bank in kan RM25 which included the postage mean RM20 per box and RM5 for postage. kira ok lah kan. kalw nak di kira kan kos satu box RM25, dapat la tengok running man 10 episode. for now, aku rasa ok kowt. tapi agak sedey la sebab kalw dulu aku memang tengok semua korean variety show ni. sebab memang best and funny gila.
and kalw korang nak tengok memang boleh cari je kat google any show yang korang nak tengok kat google. tapi the best website yang aku boleh suggest adalah

cari je la apa-apa show yang korang nak. kalw web ni paling main dia sub running man and we got married. banyak lagi die sub. ok sangat subbing dia. sangat membantu. since english subtitle boleh la improve sikit sikit english kita tak? ke tak sebnarnya? haha. ntah.

and kalw korang berminat nak beli running man or any korean drama/movie boleh la pegi kat

 Quality of the video bagi aku okay la. subtitle pun ok. So for any inquiries sila pegi rujuk kat owner of the site lah. tak pun korang pegi facebook dia la, huha kat sana ok. ni sebab aku rasa berbaloi la dengan wang ringgit, quality dan kepantasan order aku sampai la aku berniat murni promote kan website dorang. and kalw korang nak beli any merchandise kpop boleh la pegi kat

Far-Ra Aina's Korean Stuffs

owner sangat friendly plus service yang okay. 

ok la, penat promote free ni. bye!

Super Duper Annoying!

Tak perlu kowt nak SMS semua orang benda ni since semua orang tahu tanggugjawab masing masing. dan undian adalah hak individu.

this is my second SMS after the first one was video one.
should I reply to this crap?

bosan bosan bosan. is this happen everytime PRU time?

Akademi Rempit

 my convo with LeBai last few weeks.

Well, this was my previous sms I had with my only LeBai. LOL. I know this quite rude. but who care. I concern that our sms made my day that day. It was so funny.

If you are wondering why budak ampang and makcik kubikel are always included in our entries, means you are new in this blog things. we have blogged since zaman kegemilangan Melayu Minimalis his entry always mentioned Makcik Kubikel and Budak Ampang. His entry is very sarcastic yet relevant. I love it. So, you can find out the reason why makcik kubikel and budak ampang always been said.

Previous, I love to read FynnJamal blog too. Very rebelling! Lebai and me once discussed on her life journey. Pernah sampai tak tido satu malam sebab baca blog dia. nampak tak kaki sibuk kat situ. hahaha.
Not to forget Pipiyapong and Poyotito's. We had so much fun reading those blogs. Gelak gila gila sampai keluar air mata baca blog poyo and pipi. Funny as hell! Plus RahiminIdris

Kalau sekarang semua orang busy tweet artis and dapat retweet dari artis tersebut adalah sangat membanggakan. tapi Lebai and me gila excited dapat chat ngan RahiminIdris, Poyo and Pipi. Punya la fan sampai mintak permission jadikan nama dorang password facebook sendiri. Dulu time-time bloging kat friendster RahiminIdris rajen menyinggah. Bagi semangat. Mwahaha. Nowadays, most of them are married. Dorang pun ada yang jadi writer handal. Produce buku sana sini. Femes. Hmm. Tapi lawak-lawak kat entry lama dorang still okay kalw nak jadi bahan hilangkan stress. seriously funny. itupun kalw korang cepi la. sebab kebanyakan jokes tu semua datangnya dari kehidupan seharian kita.

Now ni, nak blogging pun tak sempat apatah lagi nak komen komen bagai kan. tiap tiap kali buat entry baru sure berazam nak update tiap tiap hari tapi penyudahnya kelaut jugak. hahha.

k. toodles!

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Jiji is coming Y'all

Date: 22nd June 2013

Hell yeah! finally it will be on SATURDAY! HOMG!
ini adalah salah satu tanda jodoh kita kuat jiji. ngeh!
should plan well this time. 

to go with my always-relevant KPOP friend- LeBai

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Migrain adalah penyakit biasa yang dihadapi oleh golongan remaja. Ia berlaku kerana darah tidak sampai ke otak akibat tersekat dan menyebabkan sakit kepala yang teramat sangat.

Selain pening akibat sakit kepala, migrain juga memberi rasa tidak selesa kepada perut dan loya sehingga menyebabkan pesakit muntah.

Perasaan yang sering digambarkan oleh pesakit ketika menghadapi migrain adalah seperti dihempap batu dan kepala berdenyut-denyut seperti dicucuk-cucuk.

Serangan migrain ini tidak mengira tempat dan waktu. Kebiasaannya pesakit akan mengalami sakit kepala di sebelah bahagian sahaja.


1. Kesan daripada alahan seseorang
2. Silau akibat lampu yang terang
3. Bunyi yang terlalu kuat
4. Bau wangi yang terlampau kuat
5. Tekanan fizikal atau emosi
6. Waktu tidur yang tidak teratur
7. Merokok atau terdedah kepada asap rokok
8. Stres
9. Menahan lapar
10. Makanan seperti coklat, keju, kopi, limau, tomato dan jeruk atau makanan yang diperap

no wonder la.

ikhsan blog: MyBerita

Friday, March 22, 2013

Today and Onwards.

This few days, my frenemy and I keep on discussing on this one thing. one of a few things that we share a same interest. well, its KPOP. lol. KPOP concerts here and there.

Kalau dulu cabang untuk kpop tu ada berbagai-bagai. Kalau dulu kena bahagi-bahagi pasal kpop. Dulu concert, merchandise, album, variety shows and kdrama. tapi skang both of us dah narrow down kan ke satu je cabang untuk kpop; iaitu concert. tapi bila dah di kecikkan cabangnya pun, kitorang still sangat2 stress. nak pegi mana satu (poyo punya sangat2). konpius. plus some of the concert will be on Thursday! what the.. la kan. tak consider orang yang dah berkerjaya langsung. ada pulak on Sunday! memang sengaja mintak di carut la kan. takkan la aku nak kena amek annual leave kot. nanti cuti raya n kahwen(eh?) tinggal sikit la. mana boleh maaa..

ok. lets list down all our concert yang soon to be held here. Malaysia.


DATE: 12 May 2013

tak ke mintak di carut. the point is my mine bias would be here!
stressnya! kahkahkah
annual leave atau yobo! macam mana ni. haish.

AIA KPOP Live in KL.
DATE: 27 JUNE 2013 

OK. ni paling teruk kena carut since its gonna be on Thursday. WTF!!!(What The Fish! :) ) 
but its ok. ni dah cukup membuktikan yang aku memang takde jodoh ngan my bbulmon ni.
 haish. tiap kali datang mesti tak ley nak pegi. especially after he revealed his love relationship.lol. pasrah gila.

ok. last one. my one and final hope. since both of the concert above aku sah sah tak boleh pegi. terutama the second one. 

2013 1st WORLD TOUR
g-dragon ( one of a kind)

I know, my jiji would never disappoint me. Hopefully bukan on weekdays dan hari ahad. incase hari ahad, akan ku rela dan gagahkan diri isi annual leave form satu hari untuk hari isnin. haha.

so, bai whats the decision? haha.

kalw korang jadi aku, korang akan konpius tak? heh

dan malam ini punya story yang akan di pergikan aku oleh si baiSingh yang tertdo bila dah buat appointment untuk amek ticket kat this someone. just because that someone is perempuan. lol. i know bai, kalw wa pun wa akan bersikap demikian. sikap-sikap yang biasanya dilopori akak-akak kubikel.

DATE: 22/23 March 2013.
DAY: Friday/ Saturday.

well, nak pegi celebrate birthday dengan Eli. tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan.
plus nak jumpa my virtual character in baisingh TeaTime session.

actually kitorang do blog memang bukan untuk orang laen paham pun. thats why la most of the entries hanya di pahami oleh certain peoples. haha.

notahujungkaki: sila abaikan wallpaper pc aku. dah klik gambar kalau tak nampak. tapi GD memang forever relevant. kan kan kan bai? haha

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Officially 25th Years Old.


Such a short time and I already live for a quarter of century. I have gone through so many phases in my life. I have been granted for such a wonderful parent and siblings. which available in whatever difficulties I had. anytime and anywhere. without them I am going to be a super duper lost.

I have a wonderful friends. especially during STF time. 5 years growing up together. so most of the memories are precious.

 love them.

 and my officemate!

Lunch in SDS Cafeteria Johor Jaya


 I had chicken teriyaki and mint chocolate!
the food is marvelous. and much better than this one restaurant.
and its affordable.

 double celebration.
mine and Ayuni's birthday!

eh, macam konpius ni entry pasal birthday or precious peoples? lol
i is too busy!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year, bebeh!

happy new year to all!

hoyeah. cuti CNY datang lagi dan paling di nanti since cuti lama maaa. a week! weehoo
memang sumpah tak nak pikir pasal kerja langsung time cuti. 

a very short entry. my member dah tunggu. okbai!
balek kampung!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


sila kali ngan 13 keping okay. Hee

Well, even client know how to appreciate your hard work.

Only people had involved in McDonald's process of contructions know how dahsyat dorang. Takde client yang lebih dahsyat selain Mcd. Serious.Since they are so international company of course the pressure a bit different that other client. tapi kalw tak betul-betul kuat ketahanan diri, memang menangis la. tapi menangis keluar air mata darah pun bukan dorang kesah pun. apa yang penting franchise dorang bukak on time.

but atleast the project manager very soft spoken and tolerable. its quite comfortable to work with him. its become easy when you explain things and they can understood. the process to get an approval is not an easy work. seriously. you need to have an ability to talk and make them work fast for your own benefits. But, once you have a good relation with authorities, everything is on your finger tips.

haha. ni bukan pasal authorities punya entry pun.
ok bai.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


benda paling bangang pernah buat time study dulu.
tah sapa la mamat ni sampai now tak tahu. haha

IF, both of you read my blog (bajet famous) leave your contact in comment. haha

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

its 2013

wah, senyap-senyap je kita dah masuk minggu ketiga untuk tahun 2013. kerja bertimbun-timbun sampai rasa dah takde life yang entertaining. soon I got my pay increase will get some of the item that I really need to have! ececeh. Semoga tahun 2013 ni, rezeki lebih murah dan mewah.

kalw nak cakap pasal azam. I think its better to keep my wish for 2013 as a secret. only when it become reality i will tell you guys. haks. bercakap azam tahun 2012 yang tercapai, agak banyak sebenarnya. betapa Allah sayangkan aku. Walaupun sentiasa alpa, Dia masih tak putus-putus memberikan rezeki, limpahkan rahmatNya untuk aku. So, lets keep it being remember what I have achieved for last year (2012)

1. habes study.
akhirnya, setelah aku bertungkus lumus selama 4 tahun, akhirnya dapat aku segulung ijazah sarjana muda dalam bidang kejuruteraan awam. atleast, ada something yang boleh parent aku banggakan. I am not coming from rich or well known family. my parent are not coming from a rich or well known people. we are so ordinary family. the journey that my parent went through was a hard path. to let them know I am so appreciate their effort is to let them hold my degree. atleast.

2. dapat kerja.
I end my practical on 28/11/12. my first interview was on December,1st. and I got call from my boss two weeks after that told me that I can start working on 2/1/2012 and I got a conformation letter right after 3 month. how good is that!! . its like a heaven to me since I was always pray really hard to get a job right after my studies. all this to make sure people will not making up stories towards my family and even to prove to them that Civil Engineer is not hard to get job. one person once came to me and told me to give up on searching job in this field and try to be a teacher or lecturer. well, I proved you are wrong. such an ignorance people to look down to others. I made my parents proud again this time. Alhamdulillah. I am the first child of my family, its hard to hold the responsibilities as a first child. to give my siblings a good example for their future. I have to set a platform to increase my family status.

3. kereta.
4 month after I start working, I got to own my first asset. Asset fully by my money. money that I worked. so touch. Alhamdulillah. Its almost a year since I have that MyVi. :)

4. jodoh
for this I have to say a zillion of thanks towards my frenemy: Meen hehe.
I was asking for her help. She was going to mengerjakan Umrah. and one of my wishes is to get a jodoh last year. and I really found my jodoh. He is already infront of me all this time. and what I have wished since I was a child really bacame reality. our name is almost same. heee
we are walking towards the another phase of life. please pray for us.

will invite you guys. no worries. lol
its getting nearer!hehe. In Shaa Allah.

that all. almost of my wishes was became reality.
in this 2013, lets be a better person to others and mostly to Allah.

see u in next entry.

Friday, January 11, 2013


pergh. mak aih. fuyyo!!
bersawang blog kau jah.
busy betul ni. haha

seriously nak update. tapi i so busy mengalahkan menteri.
soon ok, soon!

*bajet ramai orang baca*