Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I feel so BLESSED!!!!! yesterday and even today. Dont know why (of course I do). But I am super excited since yesterday. But, because today I feel more more and more blessed so I just decided to make this WONDERFUL MEMORY as an entry so that I can read it again next time. So, I warn any of you that allergy with the word 'perasan' just click that X button on the upper right side of this blog. Its just a bored fiction, only LeBai could understand all the story line and even the character. XD

Assume this as a sequel of Tea-Time Session from Meen. :)

Since Bommie further her studies in Geologist in LA, Minzy is left alone at the academy. She  live her life well without any night-walk and gossiping session anymore. Their last activities was Sean and Yi Jung farewell. Its not Bommie had given up to her dream, but she need to accomplish what she should be first. Time flies so fast, and its already 3 month Minzy in academy while Bommie in LA. Minzy goes to the class as usual and sometimes Bommie will call her. Its not Bommie is worried about about Minzy but she worries about other male trainee in the Academy.LOL . Minzy went to LA once a month. They had too many things to share and its not suitable for them to talk on phone anymore. 

One day, Minzy went to practice room alone and it is so far from her hostel. She was so bored and decided to improved her dance skill since Mr. Y will examined her next week.  She danced and listen to her favorite songs for 5 hours and she exhausted so, she arranged all her stuff and get ready to walk back to her hostel. Just before she comes out from the practice room, her eyes met Daes, the most clumsy trainee in the academy, as usual his face will automatically made shock expression. Minzy just smiled and walked away  slowly to her hostel. Till now, Bommie and Minzy still can not discover why Daes always be so shock whenever they meet.

On her way back, Minzy suddenly remembered that she is out of cash, so she planned to go to the ATM. She walks and walks slowly till she arrived at the t-junction. She checked her phone, and when she looks front she was so shocked!!! Its Zhoumi!!! Its already 2 weeks since they met. Their eyes were met, and Minzy looked away first. Zhoumi went to his academy and Minzy straight to the ATM. Minzy can feel that her heart will explode any time soon. She was so shocked and dont know what to do. She automatically smsed Bommie

Minzy: ITS ZHOUMI!!!
It was too bad since Bommie do not replied. Minzy tried to calm herself and thought Zhoumi and her will not meet again. At least on the same day. After drew her money, she walked out from the ATM. Suddenly her met a  familiar figure. ITS ZHOUMI AGAIN!!! Their eyes met. Minzy just walked slowly and hope Zhoumi will walked  faster so that they dont have to meet again at the junction. Too bad, Zhomi walked really slowly and finally Minzy reached at the junction, and Zhoumi is there! Minzy went to her panicked-state! and she smsed Bommie again,

Minzy: ZHOUMI IS TOO HANDSOME BOMMIE!!!! how come we can walk beside to each other now!!!

Bommie replied : say hi!!!

Minzy cant control her feelings anymore. Her body temperature is increasing!! She felt so hot! Minzy acted calm and and tried hard to control her expression. but Zhoumi was walking too SLOW!!!! Now they really walked beside to each other. Zhoumi let Minzy walked under the roof walk-way while he was under the sun. HOW SWEET is he!!! Minzy was too happy. She was not expected Zhoumi will do this, Minzy looked around and there was no one at the moment. Minzy smiled ear to ear like crazy. Minzy walked too slow, then Zhoumi walk a bit faster since suddenly Spastic-Couple was on their way towards them. Minzy cant let her heartbeat calm. After that Spastic-Couple passed him, he looked back and our eyes met. He looked away. Minzy just acted she busy replying sms. but, honestly NO SMS at all. Zhoumi looked back a few times, and Minzy still acted like she dont know.Its not a Zhoumi walking style to walk and looked back, but today...

Finally they arrived at the cafeteria, there was not so many trainees at the moment since it was not a peak hours. Zhoumi looked back again and Minzy went straight to the Computer Accessories Booth. Its not Minzy has anything to buy, but she just wanna make the distance between Zhoumi and her a bit. Zhoumi went into the cafeteria and ordered his favorite Sizzling Mee. Minzy walked slowly inside the cafeteria and they passed each other again. Minzy can tell that Zhoumi was looking at her during that time since they were so near but Minzy was so busy with her dumb act. 

Minzy went to her favorite restaurant and ordered her food. Her ordered will get only at 8PM. She looked back and saw Zhoumi was sitting facing her. He ate sandwich while he waits for his food. Minzy looked and their eyes met. Minzy acted like she got an sms and went to the Mini Store. Minzy bought Zhoumi's favorite Black Pepper Roll and Iced Lemon Tea. After a couple of minutes surveyed inside the Mini Store then, Minzy paid for her foods. When she went out from the Mini Store, she looked at the Zhoumi seat and he was gone. So Minzy thought that Zhoumi was getting his food. She looked at the counter and Zhoumi was there. Its weird that there was nothing on Zhoumi's hand. Oh, he canceled his order and went straight to his hostel. Minzy was so busy texting to Bommie the details. But since Bommie is in class, so of course she cant called.

Bommie cant except the facts that Minzy was not saying Hi to Zhoumi because it was so rare to happen. :)
Minzy safely arrived in her hostel and still smiling like no end.

P/s: Minzy had crush to Zhoumi since 2 years ago :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Super Junior | SuperShow 3 Part III

Song: Hands up-big bang 4th Album

Hey ho!!! LOL updating my #ss3Malaysia moment while listening to big bang songs. Actually my #ss3Malaysia syndrome is still not over yet. I am still imagine all the things they did during the show. Well, such a beautiful memories, who can easily forget, right. So, today I am going to share the songs they sang at that night. Hope this will be the final parts.Here, we go..

1. Sorry Sorry Remix
I am so sure that this song is almost everyone favorite. They had changed some of the dance movement. As this is their first song, for sure everyone were busy screaming like mad and I was included too. Everyone sang along with them. Love the dance, their voices and the situation in the stadium.

2. Super Girl (Korean Version)
They run to the main stage, and straightly started sang this song. COOL!!! I can see Henry and Zhoumi in this performance. Every members are danced in this song. Too bad, Hangkyung was not there. Well, I know everyone already knew the reason, right?

3. Dont Don
Its super cool performance. I am a bit sad at first because Heechul was not participate in this performance, but, after a while when the part which is Henry plays his violin in the MV, suddenly the center of the stage was open and inside there were HENRY, ZHOUMI, HEECHUL and JUNGMO(Trax)!!! Heechul played a drum, Henry and Jungmo played guitar while Zhoumi sang!!! wah, daebak!!!

only able to capture Heenim. Isnt he looks so cool?

4. No other.
Sweet song with several fan service. 

Then, it was self introduction.(see post below)

5. Confession
6. Good person
7. Rokkugo
Suju-T. Such a happening performance. We sang together with them.

8. One fine Spring Day.
A song from their 4th Album. Sang by Wookie accompanied by Sungmin on guitar. As expected, Wookie's voice is so good! Love it!!

9. New Endless Love (chinese)
Its Wan Fang song(i dont know who is he) and sang by Kyuhyun. Seriously, Kyuhyun's voice able to melt people!

10. I wanna Love You
By Eunhyuk and Donghae! Yobo is a great dancer. Donghae too!

11.Kiss Good Bye.
Originally sing by Lee Hom. He sang so well while playing piano. Since I dont listen to any chinese songs, so I was a bit blur But, I think all the chinese elf know this song because most of the sang along.

12. Looking for the day.
Siwon solo stage. Cool!

13. Baby
:) Henry solo's. A very superb performance by Mochi. He has a cute voice. Suit so much with the songs! We sang along with him and chant his name. Since this is a famous song by Bieber, obviously everyone can remember at least the chorus.

Henry's Piano Skill is Daebak!!

14.If you leave
Sungmin's solo stage. He is a great dancer.

15. Down
Eunhyuk solo's. No doubt he is a really great dancer. Cool and HOWT performance.

16. Ttok Ttok Ttok
Another Suju-T songs. CUTE!!!! Heenim joined this. Even though, I am not familiar with this song, but I am still enjoy it!

17. You And I.

 They made a heart sign during this song and walk around the stage

18. Song For You.

19. Ms. Chic
Its Zhoumi here!!! For sure I was hysteria. He is so slim and have a very long leg. It made him looks 'soft' but I know he's NOT!!

Cool performance :)
20.Shake It up!!
A song from their 4th album. Cool!!

21. Twins.
An old song, I cant remember the lyrics but I know this song when they start singing.

22. Hate u, Love u

23. In My Dream
Sang by KRY+ Sungmin+ Donghae. The song that I love so much in their 4th album. and even suju loves this songs too. Sweet!!

24. Rinaldo 
A song dedicated for Kangin who is currently in army. This performance was so sad. I was teary during this performance. Donghae was crying at this time!!! >.<

25. All my heart

26. It Has To Be You.
Sang by Yesung. from Cinderella Unnie's OST.No wonder he is one of the best singer in Korea. His voice is so great!!! Since this song is so famous so everyone was singing together. It was so obvious Yesung was so happy and he smiled widely when everyone sings together. Love this moment so much. At least, one of MyELF's project is succeed!

27. Perfection!!!
An unexpected performance!!! I am so addicted to this song, no wonder I love so much the performance. Too bad, I was panicked at this time so I recorded without Zoom it. Such a waste!! I was focused on Zhoumi!! LOL

28. Bonamana!!

29. A man in Love

Cause I cant stop thinking about you girl!!

31.Dancing out

32.Encore- Cooking Cooking

Evil-Maknae, Kyu is busying bullying Eunhyuk. Cute!!!

33.A way of love
34. Wonder boys.

They end the show with promises that they will come again for ss4. Hope its true. Gotta get a full preparation for that since my camera was broken on the night before I went to the concert. Such a horrible and pitiful things ever happen to me.
There is some things happened that I still remember,
- Kyuhyun gives the most tip-top fan service since he signed all the ball before he threw to te fans.
-Heechul, Sungmin and Donghae took a camera from the fan and cam-whore with it. This happened right in front of me. so jealous okay.
- They always yelled 'APA KHABAR' until the last moment we saw them on stage. ke ke ke
-Donghae was trying to speak in english but his sentence was hanging then, Siwon continue and everyone was laughing. CUTE!!!!
-When Leeteuk was explaining about their 5th album, everyone seems understand and said yeah~!! so loudly like we were understand. then, Siwon 'I think you guys already understood what Leeteuk-shi was saying right?' LOL
-EUNHAE is REAL!!! donghae and eunhyuk friendship is proven! they really2 close

 am I right?XD

The 3 hours felt so short. I cant believe they already sang more than 30 songs. In a short, they were so amazing that night. even though their schedule is so packed and it was obvious they were so tired, but they still gave their best to make us, an ELF happy. I am so proud of them. I am so looking forward for their 5th album as Leeteuk said they are preparing. Hopefully, they will come back again with SS4 together with Kangin and Kibum. 

Love them so much! ^^ 

Thats all. Thanx God I managed to finish all this. I knew, there was not so many are reading this, but I just write it here, so that I can read it again in the future. Again, sorry for a very very bad english.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Junior | SuperShow 3 Part II

Hey guys, we meet again today. After such a horrible week with RC Design II test and a hell-presentation on the next day, finally my azab already over. It just a final exam left now.( what ever)

As I already promised, I an going to share with you guys their self introduction. It may be a short entry, since I have some works to do.

The first person that came out was our milky white Kim Heechul. A very short introduction, maybe because he was not feeling well that night. Hes so flawless!

This was shown on the screen when they were coming out

Siwon went out right after Heenim.

Followed by Shindong I guess. I just remembered how they introduced them self, so it may be not in a correct order. :)

Shindong looks like a bit shy that night, not as usually as he acts. I dont know, maybe because he not stayed long in my area so I cant describe him well.

Yesung was so nice and playful that night. He acted exactly like his always act during any shows.His voice really awesome. No wonder hes one of the main vocal in Suju and a part of Suju-KRY

Our eternal-maknae. heh. He was damn cute. I still remember how he said,
"hello everyone!!! I am ryeowook" and all peoples in the stadium scream, he was so cute!! Seriously. and hes not the 'soft' type. Hes man!!! :) and this was proved by Meen too. heh

As his nickname-pumpkin. He was so sweet with his angelic face. No wonder someone had fallen in love with him, no other than, Azmeen. :) hes so handsome. I am usually not really pay attention to him when I watch any their variety show, but that night he was so HANDSOME and he catches my attention. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Just like  the words on the screen
catching only anchovies in the real wild, a good looking amazon tribe, EUNHYUK.
(I screamed like crazy when he came out. I think Meen was annoy with me.LOL)

The most gross self introduction. I knew he has so many things to talk since he is so talkative but we had language barrier, so he just

EH: say yeah!!!
Elf: yeah!!!
EH: say yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Elf: yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
EH: say yeeee~aah!!
Elf: yeee~aah!!
EH: say yeeeee~ah ( with sexy voice)
Elf: LOL!!!!
♥♥ (the most memorable things he did)  he was dork as he usually be.

I dont know why, but I dont remember at all Donghae's part. Maybe because he went out after Eunhyuk and I was still cant find my sanity yet. heh

Our Angel Leader was act like a rich prince. He came out with a laughter, after some talks he gave 2 bottle of mineral water and tissue to two LUCKY elfs in the rockpitt!

The game-addict, our lovely maknae. His smile is so sweeeeet. It will make you melt automatically. Seriously!!! on, take not! He was so naughty and evil that night. Bullies all his hyung except Heechul, and even Zhoumi was bullied by him. 

All picture credit to: Milky Cheong

I guess I will stop now, gonna continue this so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON~!! really. I will update about the songs they sang that night and might be the last part of SS3. :) Sorry for horrible language, just like I've said before, I am still practicing my English XD

ouh, if any of you want to look the clearer pictures of SS3,  dig this owner album: #SS3Malaysia I guess you need to add her as friend if you cant access to the album. 

Till then, have a great weekends. Take care everyone   

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Junior | SuperShow 3 Part I

Hello everyone(ceceh)^^ Time sure flies so fast. Its already 4 days since I went to SS3. But every moment is so precious. So, I keep replaying all the memories in my mind.heh. Now, I already miss them so much. I thought it was only me that have this feeling but later I know that other elfs also share this kind of feeling too.

I wanna share all those moment here, but I have RC II test tomorrow. So, I will review 1/4 parts of the show

This is the ticket: I just bought the cheapest one. RM226
Actually,Meen and I already had a budget for the terrace one, but I dont know why we changed our decision at the last minute. and of course I am still regret for changed the decision.However, i am still grateful to have this opportunities to see each of them live!

this is the pearl sapphire blue light stick that fulled the stadium that night!
It was so beautiful and so memorable :)

yobo gave me this.lol.

 Shamat, my bestfriend since STF. we are so crazy back then and even now.
we still have some similarities.
the right pictures was with heenim banner!

with kyuhyun banner! he was so awesome that night!
gonna tell you guys later! :)

with the great-voice yesung banner!
he was my second favorite in suju before henry seduced me that night.

 my second favorite after my hubby-eunhyuk. lol

Fellow elfs. everyone was so busy collecting the free small banner given by MyElf.
too bad, I came late so just got a few banners. but its okay since i got eunhyuk and yesung banner.

got a lot of banner hung on the fence but, due to rain I have to stop took the pictures.
when we went out after the concert all the banner were gone. so sad!

inside the stadium at 5.00PM.

this is Meen.lol.
my current bestfriend, gossip-mate, kpop-mate.
credit to her for letting me stay in her house.hehe.

at 6.00PM I guess, we tried to switch on our light stick. we still under control at this time. :)

From our seat, we can see the make up room, I guess that the only advantages of my seat. It was a chaos when a few of suju members were entering that room before the concert started. The first person I got to see was Zhoumi the super long leg. It just a back side, but I able to guess it correctly. and hey! he is my third favorite now. :) He is the most i am looking forward to see since he looks like my 2 years crush. *blush*

pearl sapphire blue; love this so much!
we managed to full filled leader-shi dreams :)

ah, proud to be a part of this colours.

*I have to stop till this. need to go to study again. promise to continue this review soon after I finish my RC Design II test and RC Design II Project. Next will tell you guys about their self introduction. and sorry for my bad English. I am still practicing. Hope you guys can understand what I was trying to say. :)

see you later :)
Annyeong ^^v

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quote of The Day V


just because you were happy 

doesn't mean 
that you cant be happy 

Lets move on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quote of The Day IV

Its painful to realize that you
prefer not to hold on to a
certain person anymore.

For the fact if you stay,
you will only get hurt everyday

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quote of The Day III

|-------> You can forgive someone almost anything.. But you cannot tolerate everything..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final is Just Around The Conner, Jac

auw. Jadual Final Exam akhirnya keluar juga. Lama gila aku tunggu tapi tak tahu lah kenapa sem ni lambat nak mati schedule keluar. Dah la sem ni paling aku anticipate final punya schedule. Almaklumlah, last exam yang akan aku attend. ceh ceh. Hope everything will end smoothly and i will not fail any paper and have to stay here. isk.

As you can see, my paper start on 29/4 which is Reinforcement Concrete Design II, the most tougher subject among the subject that i took this semester. Really hope i can pass this paper *after i done REALLY bad on my mid-term* Hope Allah will give me a strength to study well on this subject. Then, my next paper is Steel and Timber Design on 03/5. This subject is also known as my LEAST favorite subject from all the design and structure subject. I dont know why, but its kinda bored me. and of course i am not doing good at all for this subject. and the last paper will be on 11/5 which is my most favorite subject for this semester, Hydrology!! I really hope i can do well for this paper since the lecture is so kind and I like the way he teaches us. Step by step and I can easily understand.

ke ke ke * i am practicing my english okay. So, just stand a bit more*

I got 2 weeks for study week and of course the first week i will gonna back home and enjoy. Besides, it is save my money then stay in hostel without doing anything accept study? eat and surfing internet. Just imagine, already make me bored. At least, I can watch TV and eat delicious food at home.
ah, really cant wait.

I hope I can do really well for this exam since it will be the last exam I take. I got so much time to study and to understand. So, it is so pitiful if I cant score. At least, I need to get 3 pointer above. Insya-Allah.

Pray for me everyone.
Done with this. Gonna eat dinner. Bye.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So bad..a person a like you..
Why did you take my heart without my permission?
Im living with so much difficulty
But you dont even know.

I know.. that its not me
That im not worthy enough for even a blink of your eye
But sometimes cant you share your smile with me too?
Even if its not love

Please turn back just once sometime
If I wait endlessly like this today
Again its the one word in my heart that I cant keep inside
I love you

Yesterday, I laid my head on my desk
And I think I fell asleep grieving for you
When I opened my eyes, the tears had smudged
Your name and hopeless doodles

Please turn back just once sometime
If I wait endlessly like this today
Again its the one word in my heart that I cant keep inside
I love you.

As I look at your back image
which I got so used to
I say those silent tear-like words,
I love you.

This song tell the story very well. Live your life well, Jac 
1 year and 5 month is not a short time :) chukahamnida.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quote of The Day I

----Such cruel truth awaits us at the end of this long and dark path we are walking

Jungle Fish II

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

impian seorang wanita. :)

hai pembaca2 sekalian. ye,aku tahu takde orang baca pun, tapi tak salah rasanya kalw nak bajet femes.*whatever* tadi aku tengok gambar member aku kat facebook, well biasalah stalker, mesti lah jadik bzbody. nak tahu orang ni buat apa, orang tu buat apa. sape dah clash, sape couple. haish, kalw buat rumus add math, aku boleh masuk list antara pakar2 math. dem, takde kena mengena. okay, berbalek pada gambar member aku, aku cuma nak bagitahu aku jeles ngan orang tinggi. tu je. so, aku yang sangat lah free ni pun meng'google' how to grow taller after 20 years old. eh jangan salah sangka, sebab aku belum 20 tahun pun. just nak buat persiapan awal. future planning orang puteh panggil. so, aku yang baik hati ni nak share lah ngan korang2. even though korang da puas hati ngan tinggi korang, tak salah pun baca.boleh share ngan adek2 korang ke boyfriend korang.haks. here we go.

ni antara info yang aku rasa macm bagus;

If you want to get taller,
  • you need to maximize your nutrition. The best foods for growth are those high in protein and calcium. Calcium is needed to keep your bones strong and healthy.
  • Exercise is also important to help grow taller after 20 years old. When in a vertical position, the bones along our spines compress the soft cartilage in between.*A simple hanging exercise can decompress our spines to make us taller*.  These exercises include cycling, sprinting, and swimming.

As mentioned, your body still slowly grows after puberty. The ways to get your growing faster and more rapid is through abundant supply of the body-proven-growers. Are you still guessing what are these? These are nutrients, sleep, and exercise!
  • fill your body with nutritious food. Now that the hormones have decreased, you will need a lot more of vitamins and minerals to promote your faster growth. Provide also enough water for your body 8 to 10 glasses a day as this helps in metabolism. 
  • Make sure to have more sleep everyday to enhance the brains release of growth hormones. Most metabolism processes of the body takes place during your sleep. So, be sure to have those 8 to 10 hours of sleep a day. 
  • When you wake up, get your bodies going! Resort to physical activities as much as possible. Frequent exercise enhances blood circulation resulting to good distribution of body-needed nutrients. 

so apa yang aku dapat rumus kan di sini,  pemakanan dan exercise yang berterusan merupakan faktor yang paling penting untuk menjadi tinggi apabila kita da berumur >20 tahun. tidur yang cukup pun penting rupa nya. means bukan lebih tidur lah kan. jadi, mari mencuba. sebab aku rasa, kalw kita tinggi, walwpun berisi takdelah nampak teruk kan.still good in whatever they wear. tapi kalw kurus gila tapi pendek, still tak cantik. lebih teruk kalw gemuk dan pendek. wth!

okay, since i already had a petite frame just like her, haks

p/s: click for a better image. i dont know why this pic is not working -_-""

so of course i wanna have this perfect body too


credit 4 both pictures: google image

tapi kejap eh, aku rasa entry aku pasal ketinggian. macam dah luar topic je. ahaha. *whatever* now, aku nak take serious on my DIET!yeah, lets go!