Wednesday, January 23, 2013


benda paling bangang pernah buat time study dulu.
tah sapa la mamat ni sampai now tak tahu. haha

IF, both of you read my blog (bajet famous) leave your contact in comment. haha

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

its 2013

wah, senyap-senyap je kita dah masuk minggu ketiga untuk tahun 2013. kerja bertimbun-timbun sampai rasa dah takde life yang entertaining. soon I got my pay increase will get some of the item that I really need to have! ececeh. Semoga tahun 2013 ni, rezeki lebih murah dan mewah.

kalw nak cakap pasal azam. I think its better to keep my wish for 2013 as a secret. only when it become reality i will tell you guys. haks. bercakap azam tahun 2012 yang tercapai, agak banyak sebenarnya. betapa Allah sayangkan aku. Walaupun sentiasa alpa, Dia masih tak putus-putus memberikan rezeki, limpahkan rahmatNya untuk aku. So, lets keep it being remember what I have achieved for last year (2012)

1. habes study.
akhirnya, setelah aku bertungkus lumus selama 4 tahun, akhirnya dapat aku segulung ijazah sarjana muda dalam bidang kejuruteraan awam. atleast, ada something yang boleh parent aku banggakan. I am not coming from rich or well known family. my parent are not coming from a rich or well known people. we are so ordinary family. the journey that my parent went through was a hard path. to let them know I am so appreciate their effort is to let them hold my degree. atleast.

2. dapat kerja.
I end my practical on 28/11/12. my first interview was on December,1st. and I got call from my boss two weeks after that told me that I can start working on 2/1/2012 and I got a conformation letter right after 3 month. how good is that!! . its like a heaven to me since I was always pray really hard to get a job right after my studies. all this to make sure people will not making up stories towards my family and even to prove to them that Civil Engineer is not hard to get job. one person once came to me and told me to give up on searching job in this field and try to be a teacher or lecturer. well, I proved you are wrong. such an ignorance people to look down to others. I made my parents proud again this time. Alhamdulillah. I am the first child of my family, its hard to hold the responsibilities as a first child. to give my siblings a good example for their future. I have to set a platform to increase my family status.

3. kereta.
4 month after I start working, I got to own my first asset. Asset fully by my money. money that I worked. so touch. Alhamdulillah. Its almost a year since I have that MyVi. :)

4. jodoh
for this I have to say a zillion of thanks towards my frenemy: Meen hehe.
I was asking for her help. She was going to mengerjakan Umrah. and one of my wishes is to get a jodoh last year. and I really found my jodoh. He is already infront of me all this time. and what I have wished since I was a child really bacame reality. our name is almost same. heee
we are walking towards the another phase of life. please pray for us.

will invite you guys. no worries. lol
its getting nearer!hehe. In Shaa Allah.

that all. almost of my wishes was became reality.
in this 2013, lets be a better person to others and mostly to Allah.

see u in next entry.

Friday, January 11, 2013


pergh. mak aih. fuyyo!!
bersawang blog kau jah.
busy betul ni. haha

seriously nak update. tapi i so busy mengalahkan menteri.
soon ok, soon!

*bajet ramai orang baca*