Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Junior | SuperShow 3 Part I

Hello everyone(ceceh)^^ Time sure flies so fast. Its already 4 days since I went to SS3. But every moment is so precious. So, I keep replaying all the memories in my mind.heh. Now, I already miss them so much. I thought it was only me that have this feeling but later I know that other elfs also share this kind of feeling too.

I wanna share all those moment here, but I have RC II test tomorrow. So, I will review 1/4 parts of the show

This is the ticket: I just bought the cheapest one. RM226
Actually,Meen and I already had a budget for the terrace one, but I dont know why we changed our decision at the last minute. and of course I am still regret for changed the decision.However, i am still grateful to have this opportunities to see each of them live!

this is the pearl sapphire blue light stick that fulled the stadium that night!
It was so beautiful and so memorable :)

yobo gave me this.lol.

 Shamat, my bestfriend since STF. we are so crazy back then and even now.
we still have some similarities.
the right pictures was with heenim banner!

with kyuhyun banner! he was so awesome that night!
gonna tell you guys later! :)

with the great-voice yesung banner!
he was my second favorite in suju before henry seduced me that night.

 my second favorite after my hubby-eunhyuk. lol

Fellow elfs. everyone was so busy collecting the free small banner given by MyElf.
too bad, I came late so just got a few banners. but its okay since i got eunhyuk and yesung banner.

got a lot of banner hung on the fence but, due to rain I have to stop took the pictures.
when we went out after the concert all the banner were gone. so sad!

inside the stadium at 5.00PM.

this is Meen.lol.
my current bestfriend, gossip-mate, kpop-mate.
credit to her for letting me stay in her house.hehe.

at 6.00PM I guess, we tried to switch on our light stick. we still under control at this time. :)

From our seat, we can see the make up room, I guess that the only advantages of my seat. It was a chaos when a few of suju members were entering that room before the concert started. The first person I got to see was Zhoumi the super long leg. It just a back side, but I able to guess it correctly. and hey! he is my third favorite now. :) He is the most i am looking forward to see since he looks like my 2 years crush. *blush*

pearl sapphire blue; love this so much!
we managed to full filled leader-shi dreams :)

ah, proud to be a part of this colours.

*I have to stop till this. need to go to study again. promise to continue this review soon after I finish my RC Design II test and RC Design II Project. Next will tell you guys about their self introduction. and sorry for my bad English. I am still practicing. Hope you guys can understand what I was trying to say. :)

see you later :)
Annyeong ^^v

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