Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have been called by this one company for an interview for forth times. I am so interested in their job simply because I will not deal with authorities. lulz. That one point, and other point is I will be working in airport! Airport yo!!! I always keep imagining myself working at the airport. My final year report was about refurbishment and maintenance of old buildings, its so related. and another plus the job location is SUPER NEAR to my hometown. I can even stay at my home with my mom and ulang alik everyday! like only half and hour okay.

Nowadays, my working load has reached my line limit. my eyes got sore this few month. Focusing too much to the computer since I have to check all the details thoroughly. grrrr~ plus entertaining the client who act like bull shit is so pressuring me. I cant take it at all anymore. seriously.

However, in this work load, I feel so guilty to leave all this to my co-worker which only start her job last four month. I had face the hardship before, and I know how the struggling phase I went through. I do not want to go with a bad term with my boss since he thought me so many things.

so dillema.
bai singh, drop some advise please. mwahahaha

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