Friday, May 10, 2013

Hancur Hati ini.

My life has been so busy lately. Especially its already one year and half I have worked here. yeah, my current office. I dont know, until when I will stay here. hmm. should find other opportunities.

Actually its not about work I wanna talk here. Its my obsession.

As everyone (everyone la sangat, padahal Lebai je tahu) I was so into kpop scene. Especially during my university year. I have started do collection on official/unofficial merchandise during that year. its about three year in my studies year. So, can you imagine how much I have spent on that time. Money and for sure TIME. That time I will be considered to have a quality time when I can watch variety shows, downloading K-drama and so on. And can you imagine how much time I have spent to collect all those songs, music videos and many more? I cant call it wasted time as I was so in love to kpop. Actually, now I still one of the kpop fans, but my work loads have prevented me to do what I love as before.

However no matter how busy am I, I still trying my best to not miss any Running Man episodes. At least I still watch which in trend. takde la terlalu tertinggal kan.

Tapi, satu hari yang nyaman, I realized I have lost all my kpop folder which include album, and music videos that I have downloaded in three years time. can you imagine, how much regret I have in my mind now? lulz. so upsetting. at this time I am so grateful that I have a tonne of work so that I can  forget this matter. ugh.

Now I am depending on Lebai's kindness and good hearted to donate me some of the videos and song album especially!lol

notahujungkaki:bai, lu nampak tak wa remind you on public ni. hahaha


-MiNt- said...

dang!...wa tulis comment panjang2,and google pergi delete.ceit!

oh...sila lah dtg.buat malu je remind on public *blushing*..hahahahha...meh lah berkampung semalaman kat sini and transfer everything.but i dont have much lah sbb minat kita kan lain2.we so cool lyke dat!..ah,nnti in exchange lu bwk ar cd running man lu tu.wa dah wAAAYYYYY ketinggalan.bz teman mama wa jadi surirumah.HAHAHAHAHAHHA

Jac Farrah said...

wa da transfer in my external hard disk. maybe wa ley bagi lu hadiah kowt cd tu.hahaha.
gonna find some day la nak lepak umah lu. tapi even though minat lain2, still main kpop still sama. bigbang, suju and otai2 lama2 tu.

tenku butang said...

follower ke 9

done follow/singgah sini.. jom follow/singgah blog teman.. heee.. http://tengkubutang.blogspot.com/

klu minat kucen leh follow blog ni jugak.. =)