Sunday, March 27, 2011

Super Junior | SuperShow 3 Part III

Song: Hands up-big bang 4th Album

Hey ho!!! LOL updating my #ss3Malaysia moment while listening to big bang songs. Actually my #ss3Malaysia syndrome is still not over yet. I am still imagine all the things they did during the show. Well, such a beautiful memories, who can easily forget, right. So, today I am going to share the songs they sang at that night. Hope this will be the final parts.Here, we go..

1. Sorry Sorry Remix
I am so sure that this song is almost everyone favorite. They had changed some of the dance movement. As this is their first song, for sure everyone were busy screaming like mad and I was included too. Everyone sang along with them. Love the dance, their voices and the situation in the stadium.

2. Super Girl (Korean Version)
They run to the main stage, and straightly started sang this song. COOL!!! I can see Henry and Zhoumi in this performance. Every members are danced in this song. Too bad, Hangkyung was not there. Well, I know everyone already knew the reason, right?

3. Dont Don
Its super cool performance. I am a bit sad at first because Heechul was not participate in this performance, but, after a while when the part which is Henry plays his violin in the MV, suddenly the center of the stage was open and inside there were HENRY, ZHOUMI, HEECHUL and JUNGMO(Trax)!!! Heechul played a drum, Henry and Jungmo played guitar while Zhoumi sang!!! wah, daebak!!!

only able to capture Heenim. Isnt he looks so cool?

4. No other.
Sweet song with several fan service. 

Then, it was self introduction.(see post below)

5. Confession
6. Good person
7. Rokkugo
Suju-T. Such a happening performance. We sang together with them.

8. One fine Spring Day.
A song from their 4th Album. Sang by Wookie accompanied by Sungmin on guitar. As expected, Wookie's voice is so good! Love it!!

9. New Endless Love (chinese)
Its Wan Fang song(i dont know who is he) and sang by Kyuhyun. Seriously, Kyuhyun's voice able to melt people!

10. I wanna Love You
By Eunhyuk and Donghae! Yobo is a great dancer. Donghae too!

11.Kiss Good Bye.
Originally sing by Lee Hom. He sang so well while playing piano. Since I dont listen to any chinese songs, so I was a bit blur But, I think all the chinese elf know this song because most of the sang along.

12. Looking for the day.
Siwon solo stage. Cool!

13. Baby
:) Henry solo's. A very superb performance by Mochi. He has a cute voice. Suit so much with the songs! We sang along with him and chant his name. Since this is a famous song by Bieber, obviously everyone can remember at least the chorus.

Henry's Piano Skill is Daebak!!

14.If you leave
Sungmin's solo stage. He is a great dancer.

15. Down
Eunhyuk solo's. No doubt he is a really great dancer. Cool and HOWT performance.

16. Ttok Ttok Ttok
Another Suju-T songs. CUTE!!!! Heenim joined this. Even though, I am not familiar with this song, but I am still enjoy it!

17. You And I.

 They made a heart sign during this song and walk around the stage

18. Song For You.

19. Ms. Chic
Its Zhoumi here!!! For sure I was hysteria. He is so slim and have a very long leg. It made him looks 'soft' but I know he's NOT!!

Cool performance :)
20.Shake It up!!
A song from their 4th album. Cool!!

21. Twins.
An old song, I cant remember the lyrics but I know this song when they start singing.

22. Hate u, Love u

23. In My Dream
Sang by KRY+ Sungmin+ Donghae. The song that I love so much in their 4th album. and even suju loves this songs too. Sweet!!

24. Rinaldo 
A song dedicated for Kangin who is currently in army. This performance was so sad. I was teary during this performance. Donghae was crying at this time!!! >.<

25. All my heart

26. It Has To Be You.
Sang by Yesung. from Cinderella Unnie's OST.No wonder he is one of the best singer in Korea. His voice is so great!!! Since this song is so famous so everyone was singing together. It was so obvious Yesung was so happy and he smiled widely when everyone sings together. Love this moment so much. At least, one of MyELF's project is succeed!

27. Perfection!!!
An unexpected performance!!! I am so addicted to this song, no wonder I love so much the performance. Too bad, I was panicked at this time so I recorded without Zoom it. Such a waste!! I was focused on Zhoumi!! LOL

28. Bonamana!!

29. A man in Love

Cause I cant stop thinking about you girl!!

31.Dancing out

32.Encore- Cooking Cooking

Evil-Maknae, Kyu is busying bullying Eunhyuk. Cute!!!

33.A way of love
34. Wonder boys.

They end the show with promises that they will come again for ss4. Hope its true. Gotta get a full preparation for that since my camera was broken on the night before I went to the concert. Such a horrible and pitiful things ever happen to me.
There is some things happened that I still remember,
- Kyuhyun gives the most tip-top fan service since he signed all the ball before he threw to te fans.
-Heechul, Sungmin and Donghae took a camera from the fan and cam-whore with it. This happened right in front of me. so jealous okay.
- They always yelled 'APA KHABAR' until the last moment we saw them on stage. ke ke ke
-Donghae was trying to speak in english but his sentence was hanging then, Siwon continue and everyone was laughing. CUTE!!!!
-When Leeteuk was explaining about their 5th album, everyone seems understand and said yeah~!! so loudly like we were understand. then, Siwon 'I think you guys already understood what Leeteuk-shi was saying right?' LOL
-EUNHAE is REAL!!! donghae and eunhyuk friendship is proven! they really2 close

 am I right?XD

The 3 hours felt so short. I cant believe they already sang more than 30 songs. In a short, they were so amazing that night. even though their schedule is so packed and it was obvious they were so tired, but they still gave their best to make us, an ELF happy. I am so proud of them. I am so looking forward for their 5th album as Leeteuk said they are preparing. Hopefully, they will come back again with SS4 together with Kangin and Kibum. 

Love them so much! ^^ 

Thats all. Thanx God I managed to finish all this. I knew, there was not so many are reading this, but I just write it here, so that I can read it again in the future. Again, sorry for a very very bad english.


~meon~ said...

i'm reading....senyum sorg2....sgt sgt sgt sgt jeles....hope can go to ss4

JacFarrah said...

cute an? even english aku teruk, kau still paham kan on?hahaha.

ss4 da confirm.so start simpan duet okay!

~meon~ said...

comel je sume....argghhhh....jeles....mne de english ko teruk...ok la dr aku...nak tlis entry english tp xreti...haha...ss4da start??smpn duit skrg...

JacFarrah said...

tau xpe.hahaha
still teruk on. memalukan betul.tapi papelah.

ss4 da confirm ada, msia masuk list atau tak, still tak tahu lagi.just bersedia je a.hahaha

~meon~ said...

ok la tu...practice make perfect...smlm mimpi....g tgk super show....haha

JacFarrah said...

cool a tu.boleh mimpi2 lagi.haha

~meon~ said...

haha....gila...smpi mimpi2

Anonymous said...

Hi,just wanna ask.Who's voice is better,kyu or ye? I know they have dif. Voice,and i love both. but i really want to know what feeling you get when listening to their voice?

JacFarrah said...


hello. for me, kyu and ye got their own voice. Some songs suit kyu and certain songs suit ye. but, when I heard them live, I think i love more ye's voice. esp during hes solo, it has to be you. and kyu voice can make you melt esp when he sings ballad.

but, I personally LOVES ye. So,of course I love his voice too :)