Monday, July 13, 2015

26 Ramadhan 1436


Sedar tak sedar dah hari ke dua puluh enam kita berpuasa. bagi aku, ini adalah Ramadhan paling bermakna yang pernah aku lalui. ye, tahun- tahun sebelum ni mungkin hidayah Allah belum betul-betul sampai kepada aku..makanya peluang yang cuma datang sekali setahun di mana pahala kita dilipat gandakan oleh Allah itu aku sia siakan.

Tahun ni, 2015. Tahun kedua sebagai isteri kepada suami aku. Tahun kedua menjadi menantu kepada keluarga mertua. sebenarnya, bukan mudah untuk melalui alam perkahwinan. jujur, awal awal kawen, memang kitorang selalu sangat bergaduh. tapi masuk setahun, persefahaman dan toleransi tu wujud dengan sendiri. dimana, ada benda yang perlu di bincang dan ada benda yang boleh di abaikan. ok, done dengan personal life.

2015- terlalu banyak situasi di sekeliling aku yang buat aku sedar betapa ruginya aku selama ni. aku di beri peluang untuk hidup dan dikurniakan rezeki. November 2011 habis belajar, 2 bulan  after tu terus dapat kerja. memang bersyukur sangat-sangat. 2014 aku di murahkan rezeki bila jodoh untuk berkahwin tu sampai. di kurniakan keluarga mertua yang sangat baik. semua sangat okay kesimpulannya. tapi kadang-kadang sikap tamak dan tak puas hati tu selalu akan tutup rezeki lain yang Allah dah bagi. selalu cari salah dan kekurangan sedangkan kelebihan yang Allah bagi tu sebenarnya berlipat kali ganda. Jadi, bila umur dah 27 tahun ni aku selalu berdoa supaya Allah beri aku lebih hidayah dan istiqamah kepada aku untuk berubah jadi hambaNya yang lebih baik. mungkin kurang sebenarnya, tapi lebih baik dari diri aku yang semalam. semua yang berlaku mesti ada hikmah dan peluang yang Allah nak bagi.

okay lah. best sebenarnya blogging ni. tapi masa sangat tak membenarkan (cewah!) aku selalu lepak kat sini. lagi pulak, kawasan rumah in law aku connection internet tersangatlah limited.

bye. see u again!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Almost two years.

Yes. Almost 2 years i have not write any things. Too many things happened.

How i miss blogging so much actually. 😢
Should i start again even though no one actually care? Haha. Yup, i think i should write again and fullfilled my satisfaction.

Till then.
Hope to get a chance to write again soon. Hopefully

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have been called by this one company for an interview for forth times. I am so interested in their job simply because I will not deal with authorities. lulz. That one point, and other point is I will be working in airport! Airport yo!!! I always keep imagining myself working at the airport. My final year report was about refurbishment and maintenance of old buildings, its so related. and another plus the job location is SUPER NEAR to my hometown. I can even stay at my home with my mom and ulang alik everyday! like only half and hour okay.

Nowadays, my working load has reached my line limit. my eyes got sore this few month. Focusing too much to the computer since I have to check all the details thoroughly. grrrr~ plus entertaining the client who act like bull shit is so pressuring me. I cant take it at all anymore. seriously.

However, in this work load, I feel so guilty to leave all this to my co-worker which only start her job last four month. I had face the hardship before, and I know how the struggling phase I went through. I do not want to go with a bad term with my boss since he thought me so many things.

so dillema.
bai singh, drop some advise please. mwahahaha

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hancur Hati ini.

My life has been so busy lately. Especially its already one year and half I have worked here. yeah, my current office. I dont know, until when I will stay here. hmm. should find other opportunities.

Actually its not about work I wanna talk here. Its my obsession.

As everyone (everyone la sangat, padahal Lebai je tahu) I was so into kpop scene. Especially during my university year. I have started do collection on official/unofficial merchandise during that year. its about three year in my studies year. So, can you imagine how much I have spent on that time. Money and for sure TIME. That time I will be considered to have a quality time when I can watch variety shows, downloading K-drama and so on. And can you imagine how much time I have spent to collect all those songs, music videos and many more? I cant call it wasted time as I was so in love to kpop. Actually, now I still one of the kpop fans, but my work loads have prevented me to do what I love as before.

However no matter how busy am I, I still trying my best to not miss any Running Man episodes. At least I still watch which in trend. takde la terlalu tertinggal kan.

Tapi, satu hari yang nyaman, I realized I have lost all my kpop folder which include album, and music videos that I have downloaded in three years time. can you imagine, how much regret I have in my mind now? lulz. so upsetting. at this time I am so grateful that I have a tonne of work so that I can  forget this matter. ugh.

Now I am depending on Lebai's kindness and good hearted to donate me some of the videos and song album especially!lol

notahujungkaki:bai, lu nampak tak wa remind you on public ni. hahaha

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Its already been two years since you go.
but the memories is still fresh in my mind.
we do not do many things together, but you are the most precious.

People come and go.
You go, and I am grieving by myself.
No one to share, and no one to understand.
I miss you, Awak. So much.

Mohd Izzat Badry Bin Badarudin.
May Allah bless you always.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Dream is Varnished. lulz

Ticket prices:
Cat 1 (VIP):  RM588 [with complimentary Autographed Poster]
Cat 2 (Premier Rockpit): RM 488
Cat 3 (Fixed Seating): RM388
Cat 4 (Free Standing): RM188

Ticket Lauch Details:
Date: 11 May 2013
Venue: fahrenheit88 Shopping Mall

well, nampak tak macam mana musnahnya dream aku nak jumpa GD? Harga Tix je dah jadi main factor. Okbye! merajuk dua tahun. I iz sad.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cinta ♥



pernah dengar cinta bertaut kembali? ngeh ngeh ngeh.
I forgave u babeh!