Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year, bebeh!

happy new year to all!

hoyeah. cuti CNY datang lagi dan paling di nanti since cuti lama maaa. a week! weehoo
memang sumpah tak nak pikir pasal kerja langsung time cuti. 

a very short entry. my member dah tunggu. okbai!
balek kampung!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


sila kali ngan 13 keping okay. Hee

Well, even client know how to appreciate your hard work.

Only people had involved in McDonald's process of contructions know how dahsyat dorang. Takde client yang lebih dahsyat selain Mcd. Serious.Since they are so international company of course the pressure a bit different that other client. tapi kalw tak betul-betul kuat ketahanan diri, memang menangis la. tapi menangis keluar air mata darah pun bukan dorang kesah pun. apa yang penting franchise dorang bukak on time.

but atleast the project manager very soft spoken and tolerable. its quite comfortable to work with him. its become easy when you explain things and they can understood. the process to get an approval is not an easy work. seriously. you need to have an ability to talk and make them work fast for your own benefits. But, once you have a good relation with authorities, everything is on your finger tips.

haha. ni bukan pasal authorities punya entry pun.
ok bai.