Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Beast, Season Greetings

I looked at this stuff last year in Beast Forum and felt in love.It is expensive but I think it worth. The stuff come with a box that consist of
Calendar 2011
Diary 2011
Clear Folder

 A front picture of the box
 A clear folder. 
Inside this folder there are postcards with the face of beast members.

A sticker.
Its glitter actually

and the picture below are the postcards

Next is 2011 calendar

 the front looks of the calendar. of course there is a month page, 
but I just snapped the pictures page.

and this is the back view of the calendar.

the final one is the 2011 diary

the front cover of the diary. Its pretty and I like it!
there are a few sections inside the diary and its divided by all this picture below

and this is the back cover of the diary.

the diary is very useful. I feel like using it. Maybe for my Kpop diary. :) Next will be updating about my Big Bang stuff and SJ-M perfection album :)

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